9 Ways To Bring The Christmas Cheer Into Your Office

By Commerce House
08 / 12 / 2021

Christmas is just around the corner! The Christmas lovers among us have been feeling festive for a while now (are you guilty of this)? However, for some of us, it can be difficult to get into the Christmas spirit if we are overwhelmed with the stress of juggling our work life, social life and family time. One way that we can lift the festive spirit is at work in our offices; follow these top tips to reach the ultimate Christmas success for your colleagues!



  1. Get a Christmas Tree

Having an office Christmas tree will immediately raise those festive feelings. It can be a great team-building exercise to collectively put up and decorate the tree with your work team too. What colour scheme will you go for? Can you make the tree represent your company colours? Snap a picture of your finished office space and upload it to social media to spread the Christmas spirit.


  1. Play Christmas Songs

Change the office radio from that monotonous and repetitive channel you have on and switch it to a Christmas radio station! You will be filled with festive fun all day- whether that be the Christmas classics or the presenters entertaining you with interactive quizzes, questions and fun. Get involved with your team on your lunch break; maybe you will learn new things about your colleagues.


  1. Treat Yourself

Now, this doesn’t have to be a big thing- it can be as small as buying yourself a Christmas mug for the office or perhaps festive stationary. These little things will be a constant reminder that Christmas is arriving and we have many things to look forward to! This is your sign to switch up your everyday items and make them as festive as possible.


  1. Get an Advent Calendar

Do you remember that feeling of excitement, as a child, on a cold December morning when you remember that you have to open your advent calendar? Who said that they’re only for kids? Buying an advent calendar and putting it on your office desk will certainly start your day in the best chocolate-y way possible.


  1. Wear Christmas Clothing

Go to the shops and find the most out-of-the-box Christmas jumper- the uglier the better! We are talking about lights, sound effects, glitter, pom poms, tinsel, bells; anything goes. You could even hold a competition in your office to see who wears the BEST Christmas jumper and everyone votes in secret. Doing fun things like this will create funny memories that you and your colleagues will cherish.


  1. Festive Diffusers

What scent comes to your mind when you think of Christmas? Gingerbread? Winter spice? Mulled wine? Roast chestnuts? Cinnamon? Whatever it may be, having a festive scented diffuser will fill the room with all of the Christmas cheer that you will need. You could even have a vote with your team on the best Christmas scent and choose to have that in your office.


  1. Plan a Secret Santa

How well do you know your work colleagues? Put it to the test by planning a Secret Santa. Put all of your team mates’ names into a hat and everyone takes it in turn to pick one out. Don’t forget… it’s a secret, the clue is in the name! Doing this will reduce any stress as you don’t have to worry about buying everyone in your team a Christmas gift; by buying only your Secret Santa a gift, it will ensure that everyone has a gift to open with the costs reduced to a minimum. Remember to set a price limit too! Most importantly, have fun shopping and try to choose something unique.


  1. Create an Awards Ceremony With Your Colleagues

As the year comes to an end, a lovely way to celebrate the success amongst your team is by planning a fun awards ceremony. You could include categories like ‘Best Work Ethic’ or ‘Most Improved’ or you could even include more light-hearted ones too, such as ‘Funniest Fail’ or ‘The Coffeepot’s Best Friend’. Doing things like this brings your team closer together and rounds up the year by leaving it on a positive note.


  1. Host a Christmas Party

Christmas = the time when your calendar overflows. Not to worry though, Christmas is fulfilled with celebrations and social events with all of our loved ones, we can’t complain at that. Why not make the month even busier and plan a Work’s Christmas Party! You could go for a meal, cocktails or maybe something unique such as paintballing or going to an Escape Room. The possibilities are endless.



However you decide to spend this Christmas, make sure that you spread love, kindness and happiness with everyone. The festive season can quickly become overwhelming and it is important that we also spend time on ourselves. Try to balance me-time, family time, social events and work life. Once you have cracked that, you are bound to have the best Christmas ever! And on that note, Commerce House wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

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